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Yontz wants to bring wins to Lubbock; talks decision to sign with Tech

After signing only one defensive lineman for the 2017 class, the Tech coaches were looking to bolster their defensive line roster before this Fall. Tech has some proven commodities at the top but some needed depth was definitely in order to round out their defensive line group.

Gibbs and company may have gotten exactly what the doctor ordered this past weekend when Fullerton (CA) C.C. defensive end Quentin Yontz committed and signed with the Red Raiders. Yontz will report back to Lubbock on June 6 and will join the Red Raiders for the Fall. His versatility is what made him a top priority for the defensive staff.

“Coach Gibbs said he liked my film and was impressed with what I could bring to the table. They need defensive linemen, so he was glad that I committed there. Coach Jamison was happy just based on the fact that I can play multiple roles along the defensive line. I can play in any alignment they want. He feels that I can be an adept player on the end or on the interior. Just the fact that I can play multiple roles gives him more leeway on where I can play or produce.”

“They obviously liked what they see from me from the defensive end spot and they like how I can move inside and still generate a pass rush. I can move up and down the whole defensive line and am able to generate a pass rush from whatever position they need me at. At the end of the day, I’m there to win and whatever they need from me to win, I’m going to do it for them.”

Yontz was offered by the Red Raiders back in April and was in Lubbock for an official visit this past weekend. He made the decision to sign with the Red Raiders on Saturday evening after only being in Lubbock for a little over 24 hours. Everything about Tech, from the coaches to the facilities, to the campus, made it an easy decision.

“When I got there I hung out with a freshman defensive lineman (Tyler Carr) and he was telling me how much they helped him bulk up and how they developed him as a player. He spoke very highly of them. Just knowing that I was in good hands made me feel comfortable with my decision.”

“I also got to sit down with coach Jamison and really got a feel for the vibe he was going for. I really got to see how he handled the defensive line and what his goals were. I loved it. I loved everything about our conversation. I loved the facilities, I loved the campus vibe, and I’m excited to bring home a championship for them.”

Yontz’s interest list wasn’t the most exciting after two years at Fullerton. He held a few other offers – Missouri State, Liberty, and Western Michigan – and was receiving interest from schools like Buffalo and UCF as well. Yontz fell victim to just not having his name out there; however, when coach Jamison saw him last month, he knew from the get-go that he wanted Yontz.

“When coach Jamison got to Fullerton, he didn’t really even know about me once he arrived. He asked my coaches if he had any defensive linemen, and he showed him my film. And coach Jamison said ‘Wow, I didn’t even know this guy existed.’ Even a lot of coaches who stopped by were wondering how they just now heard about me. Once the right people know you are out there, you hope you can land an offer and that’s what I got.”

Now that Yontz has an opportunity from a Power-Five football team to play on a big stage, no way will he let the Red Raider fan base down, his teammates down, or the coaches who gave him a shot down. Yontz will be coming in ready to get reps, make plays, and turn things around for the Tech defense.

“I’m going to be working my butt off on every play and on every down. I’m going to get in there on special teams and work my butt off there, too. In the Big 12 it seems acceptable to score a lot of points, but me personally, I’m not okay with that. Every down matters to me. I will keep teams from scoring points. That’s my goal, to lower the points scored on Texas Tech. Last year they had a great offense but the defense wasn’t producing, so I’m going to bring that level of play up to where the offense is.”

On the field, Yontz knows what he is doing. As a high school senior he recorded 101 tackles and set a school record with 12.5 sacks. His last year at Fullerton, he recorded 39 tackles, 10.5 tackles for loss, and four sacks. Yontz will be looking to bring his on-field production as well as his winning mindset to Texas Tech. He won a state championship in high school and won both State and National Championships his last season at Fullerton.

“To win games, you need guys who know how to win. Yeah, you can be a great person on the field, but if you don’t know how to win or don’t have the mindset of winning, then you can’t be very successful. I enjoy winning and that is my goal. As long as I can get other people in the mindset that we will win games and not be average and hopefully that will turn people around and get us where we need to be as a program. We will win games at Texas Tech. ”

Yontz was a team captain at Fullerton and will have three years to play two in Lubbock.