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Webb ready for Elite 11 finals

The biggest week of the summer has finally arrived for Prosper (Texas) quarterback and Texas Tech commit Davis Webb. After winning one of 25 coveted spots at the Elite 11 nearly a month ago, he'll leave for the competition on Tuesday. He's eager and ready to dive in.
"I'm thrilled. I leave on Tuesday and will be there until Saturday. I've been studying the playbook," he said. "I've been doing a lot of preparation for it. I'm just ready to show that I'm ready to compete."
Webb has been pouring through an NFL-style playbook for weeks now. It's obviously rocket-science level football for a high school signal caller, but Webb feels it's something he's been able to wrangle.
"It's a pro-style offense. It's very similar to NFL offenses. It's pretty difficult and very long. There are about 30 concepts," he said. "It's very difficult, but I'm a coach's kid and I've been around many playbooks, so it wasn't as hard for me as it may be for some people. I've got a good understanding of it, and I've been working very hard to read it and I've got a pretty good grasp of it."
Webb's father and high school receivers coach Matt Webb thought the playbook was fairly long in the tooth as well. It's definitely a beast of an offensive system, but Coach Webb feels that the experience will aid his son in the long run.
"(My dad) said that it's a great experience for me. It's a good chance to compete against the best and see how I stack up and compete," said Davis. "The playbook, me and him have been going over it every day for hours after workouts in the morning.
"He said that the terminology is very long and stuff like that. At Prosper and some colleges it's very short verbiage, but in that playbook it is very long. Sometimes it's 12 to 15 words just to call a play. It's a very good experience for me though."
This will be the Prosper prospect's first journey to the West Coast, and you would think he would take some time to have a little fun. Not on this trip.
"It's a business trip for me. I can go back to L.A. anytime I want in my life. Right now I'm trying to focus on winning the Elite 11."
This event will be a little different than the other camps, however. Instead of a one day combine, it's a five day marathon full of play calling, read progressions, and film study. With all the added ESPN attention, Webb thinks it'll make for a good learning opportunity.
"I think it's good for me because the previous camps were one day. This is five days. We'll truly get the top 11, top 25 quarterbacks in the nation," he said. "I watched it last year and the year before, and it was my goal to get there. I know the next group of quarterbacks will be watching it, and it's going to be a very exciting and good experience for me. I'm excited to compete."
His competition better have the same mentality, because Webb is playing to win. He's ready to battle it out for one of 11 final spots and, hopefully, the MVP.
"I've studied this playbook every day for at least two hours," he said. "I know the reads, I know the progressions, and I know the drops. I know what the check coverages are, and I know just about everything that you need to know about, so I've prepared myself to the best I can do.
"If you want confidence when you get there, be prepared. I think that's where my confidence is. If you're prepared you can do whatever you can. You build a game plan each and every week, and for the Elite 11 it's five days. I know where to go with the ball and just about everything else. I'm pretty confident."