Tech Commit Unimpressed By Texas Offer

Texas Tech has had amazing success in the past with offensive lineman that few other programs have offered. Offensive line coach Robert Anae doesn’t look at weight. Instead, he looks at height, wingspan, and most importantly, footwork. However, with the success that Tech has seen of late, they can now pull in some of the more highly recruited lineman.
That is the profile of current Tech commit Louis Vasquez. Vasquez is from Corsicana, Texas and measures in at an imposing 6-foot-5 and 310 pounds. Vasquez dominates the defense when he’s on the field, not allowing a defender to even get a look at the quarterback or running back.
Vasquez, who recently was ranked by as a 3-star prospect, and the number 27 offensive tackle in the nation, has an impressive list of offers, including Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, and Kansas State. However, one school in Texas had failed to offer. However, Texas finally ponied up and offered Vasquez a chance to be a part of the Longhorn tradition. His respone:
“I’m still strong to the Red Raiders,” Vasquez said.
Vasquez, who has visited Oklahoma State and Texas Tech, has also been to the Texas campus three times, so a visit is unlikely to change his mind.
Vasquez said that Oklahoma State is still pursuing him very hard, and Texas has really upped the pressure since they offered, but he doesn’t see himself changing his commitment. will continue to monitor Vasquez thoroughout the season.
To watch his dominating film, go here.
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