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Takeaways: Kingsbury previews Oklahoma on RRFWKK

... Kliff Kingsbury said they have tried to "change things up" this week in practice. "We're going to tweak some things [...] and change some personnel" on Saturday.

... "We've got half the season left and a talented team, I think. [...] We have to improve a lot this week."

... Kingsbury said that Pat Mahomes' mechanics and footwork were "a bit off" against West Virginia. "We've got him more reps this week. He feels a lot more comfortable this week. [...] I expect him to play a lot better football game (against Oklahoma)."

... "He's a special player, Patrick Mahomes is. [...] He just was off (against West Virginia). [...] He'll be ready to go."

... Kingsbury repeatedly expressed disappointment with his team's toughness, how it failed to respond to West Virginia last Saturday.

... Kingsbury said that he believes Antoine Cox-Wesley will play this season, potentially in red zone packages.

... Kingsbury on the transfer of Corey Dauphine: "Really good young man. Works hard. Great story. Tremendous athlete." Kingsbury said he thinks Dauphine feels like he needs a "different fit."

... "I think we will be much improved this week. [...] We need, as a whole receiving corps, to play at a higher level."

... Kingsbury said "hopefully" Dylan Cantrell will be back soon.

... "We adjusted some guys (on the offensive line) to take up for that absence (of Justin Murphy). Hopefully, after halftime, he'll get back out there and slide him in."

... "We're going to keep fighting. I like what's on the horizon, I really do. I know you couldn't see it Saturday, but there are good things coming."

... "Ivory Jackson has really stepped up. He really gets after it."

... Kingsbury also praised Eli Howard. "We have a hard time blocking him."

... "The potential is through the roof (with Jett Duffey). I've been around some good young ones and he's right there. [...] The sky's the limit with him. We've just got to keep him working, keep him getting bigger and stronger."