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Takeaways: Hill, Dorsey, Nunez, and Thomas talk spring practice

The media had the chance to speak with defensive ends Kolin Hill and Talor Nunez, JUCO defensive back Vaughnte Dorsey, and senior defensive tackle Mychealon Thomas. Below are their thoughts on spring practice, adjustments, and much more...

Kolin Hill

…Hill commented on how the transition to rush end has been going for him.

“It’s been going good. I feel like it is more natural at my size (weighed in at 252 today). That’s where I feel more natural at.”

“I feel like playing rush, coverages are a big part of that so you have to know the coverages and the different responsibilities. Playing end, you just read the tackle which isn’t that complicated. I feel like rush gets you more exposed from the receivers.”

…How was practice back from spring break today?

“Atmosphere was really good today. Especially for the defense because I feel like we really got after it. Last Thursday we didn’t do what we were supposed to do as far as effort went, so I felt like effort was good.”

…How has your twin brother been performing and who are some other standouts on the DL?

“My brother has been doing really good actually. He plays rush as well. He’s been doing really good at his technique and footwork and all of that. Other guys who have stood out to me is Lonzell Gilmore at rush as well, and he has been doing really well this spring.”

…From the rush position, how often do you rush the QB and how often do you drop back in coverage?

“It’s kind of like 50/50. It just depends on what the call is. Usually we will run a 4 down linemen, but some of the times it will be only 3 down, and I will be back at linebacker depth.”

…Hill commented on what he has noticed from having the head coach around the defensive side of the ball more this spring.

“What I’ve noticed a lot this spring is coach Kingsbury has been over on the defensive side a lot. He has just been encouraging us, something he didn’t really do last year. His presence is very well felt, seeing him on the defensive side of the ball. Watching us and getting after us on film. He will get after us on film just like our position coaches will.”

Vaughnte Dorsey

…Dorsey commented on the move from JUCO ball to D1 football

“It’s been slightly different. The workouts are way harder. It’s something to level up to and try to compete.”

…Thoughts on coming to Lubbock to be a Red Raider and then learning about not being able to wear the Double T.

“I came in, I heard about it, and I understand the reasoning behind it. I thought it was a great reason and is something we are all working towards and working for. I think it is a good move.”

…Dorsey grew up in a single-parent home with a hard-working mother. He said they have been through a lot and Kingsbury mentioned that his mom is one of the main reasons Vaughnte is so mature. Dorsey shared his comments on the biggest thing he has learned from his mom.

“As a little kid, she always told me to look a man in the eye whenever he is talking to you. I think that’s something big around here because that is basically like integrity. You have to be able to look a guy in the eye whenever they talk to you.”

…Dorsey’s thoughts on making the adjustment to the weather in Mississippi to the weather in Lubbock, Texas.

“The atmosphere has much more humidity in Mississippi. Here it is much drier and you never know when you might catch a sand ball in your mouth. I love it. It’s something I’m embracing.”

…What were Dorsey’s first thoughts when he got to Lubbock?

“First thought when I was driving to Lubbock was, ‘Where am I?’ I thought the GPS took me to the wrong place at first.”

…Dorsey shared what he has seen from the other JUCO guys and the style of play of Morgan and Lane.

“Hard working competition. We (Morgan, Lane, and Jones) are roommates and we talk about it all the time, how we are going to compete and do what we can to help the team.”

“They both have different, very unique ways to play. I feel like Octavious is very aggressive and that’s good and Jaylon is very long. They can’t be beat.”

Talor Nunez

…Nunez took the time to explain to the media how the offseason “progression” shirts were set up and how things were going.

“We don’t have the red shirts yet. That’s at the very end of the offseason, that’s being absolutely perfect in the offseason. The black shirts is beating your strength index from the original strength index you had which is bench, squat, clean, all divided by your body mass. As of right now, the highest shirt you can have right now is your black shirt and you want to push forward to get your red shirt. You can’t be late for anything, you can’t mess up at all, and have all passing grades.”

*Are you guys motivated by that?*

“Yes sir definitely. I’m going to get that red shirt. I know it doesn’t have a Tech sign on it, but I have a lot of pride in it because it takes a lot of effort to earn that red shirt.”

… Nunez shared his thoughts on how far along the team is to earning back the Double T. He was also asked if it was embarrassing to go out on Saturdays during these scrimmages and not have the Double T to represent.

“Not at all. We definitely have to go earn it, and we are still working towards that. We have a long offseason ahead of us. I don’t feel that way at all. It is in no way a humiliation. We have a lot of pride in the Double T because we can’t wear it which is what makes it even more special.”

…Being from Midland, Nunez shared his thoughts on playing in Midland for the last time.

“It will be a very sweet moment. Because it is the last time I will be at Grande because I played there in high school. I’m just going to enjoy the moment and just live it up and be thankful for all the people that are there. It’s so awesome to see how much support we have in that whole area of west Texas, all the way out to Andrews and Odessa and all the other towns south of Midland. It’s really cool, and I’m excited to be there one last time.”

…Nunez, a senior this year, shared his thoughts on his personal goal for this season.

“For me, I want to know that when I walk off the field for the last time, I gave my absolute all for this team, whether on or off the field. I want to help my team in any way, shape, or form to make us the best team possible. In regards to production, I just want to increase production more than I’ve ever done before. As long as I’m doing it for my team, I’ll hang my head high leaving the field for the last time.”

Mych Thomas

…Current weight and mobility.

“Right now I just weighed in at 327. I’m moving pretty fast but not as fast as they want me to be. They want me at 315 or 310 so that I can move a bit faster.”

“My mobility is much better than last year. I came in at 345 and I had to lose a lot of weight because I can’t play D1 football at that size.”

…Thoughts on coach Jamison.

“He has been coaching us pretty good. I like the intensity he is bringing to the defensive line and the culture that we have now. Since he got here, he has been doing well. I just want him to keep pushing us.”

…Being reunited with Butler guys, Morgan and Tony Jones.

“It was good, it was great. I recruited them the whole way since I left Lubbock. I just wanted to have them here since it is my last year at Tech. I really wanted to play with those boys.”

…Thoughts on Joe Wallace since his return

“I’ve seen effort and intensity. He has been bringing it every day since he has been back. He had to back track a bit, but when he came I knew he was going to produce and he has done really well on the defensive line.”

…Thoughts on Broderick Washington

“Broderick brings the intensity every day. He works hard. He works hard in the weight room. He is a good competitor and competes every day.”