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Takeaways from the Kirby Hocutt Radio Show

This upcoming weekend in Lubbock is one of the biggest of the year – if not one of the biggest in recent times. Here's what Hocutt had to say about that and more.

- Hocutt opened up by talking about this wekeend’s conference championship track meet but also the main attraction of Kansas-Texas Tech on the hardwood. The game is currently sold out but the possibility of some tickets being released later is something they’re looking at. The main thing is to have someone in your seat even if you can’t make it out to the United Supermarkets Arena.

- Saturday’s game is playing out to have a huge impact on the three-way race for first with Kansas, Kansas State and Texas Tech.

- Hocutt said he was at the USA on Tuesday for practice and said some would believe without a weekday game schedule that they would work to get their legs under them but instead, coach Beard and the Red Raiders were having an intense practice. Expect Texas Tech to be ready to go come Saturday.

- The Red Raider baseball team will host Kentucky this weekend, one of many Power Five programs in the schedule. Friday’s game moved from 6:30 to 2 p.m. because of some weather issues predicted for that evening.

- Moving on to football, Hocutt said this offseason will bring in a new feel when it comes to tailgating. Robert Giovannetti said they’ll look into different ideas in making the fan experience better. The first initiative to that movement was bringing those fan-friendly prices to each arena.

- Coach Matt Wells and Co. are about 10 days away from spring practice. Hocutt said they recently went to Houston, where DB Justus Parker’s parents drove over to hear from coach Wells, because Justus has been saying nothing but good things about him.

- In Feb. 28, the deadline to renew season tickets for football is up. Hocutt said it’s time to make Jones AT&T Stadium a huge home-field advantage again.

- More on Wells – coach said they’re not focused too much on watching film of the current guys. Wells said it’s about moving forward to the future and not the past. Nelson Mbanasor wanted to transfer but heard about Wells’ established environment and told Nelson that it’s a clean slate for him. What matters will be the film beginning on March 3.

- Hocutt said the players’ confidence is at an all-time high in his eyes.

- Hocutt went back and said about five or six years ago is when he was intrigued by coach Wells with how hard he saw his former Utah State team play.

- Hocutt talked a little softball as well as coach Adrian Gregory has the Red Raiders at 10-0 and nationally ranked. Five of the seven teams that play softball in the Big 12 are ranked as well.

- Back on baseball, Hocutt addressed how game changes happen. Hocutt said it’s a collective decision around the conference and NCAA rules. Everyone from umpires and coaches from both programs are involved. Usually, there’s a unanimous decision when it comes to cancellations or time changes.

- In tradition, the “Ask the AD” segment finished the show. Hocutt began by answering if the track and field events can be viewed on tv. That will be available online by searching for the Big 12 Indoor Conference Championship meet. Tickets will be available as well at door.

- Hocutt answered if he was satisfied with Lady Raider basketball. He said yes and complimented Marlene Stollings on building off of the past. “It’s been a 180-degree turnaround in year one.” He added that he’s extremely pleased with Stollings’ leadership.

- Texas Tech gear more affordable? Hocutt said they’ll have to discuss with collegiate licensing partners and other ways outside of the box. He said they need to circle that on the list.

- Will this be the first time both men and women’s track programs can be Big 12 champions at the same time? Yes, which is the goal. For the men’s team, their potential to be national champions are through the roof and “real.” Coach Wes Kittley has won national titles at Abilene Christian previously but will be his first one at Texas Tech.

- Discussion about Dan Law Field have been a thing. Right now, it’s determined that they want to keep the stadium where it’s at. Bit hard Hocutt and Tim Tadlock both love where it’s at right now.

- The Ringer publication recently listed Jarrett Culver as the No. 2 draft pick in the NBA Draft. Hocutt said if athletes have the opportunity to earn big money and play in the highest level before graduating then you just hope they make their best decision to surround themselves with the right people. However, they would like for them to come back and finish that degree.

- Hocutt said he was impressed with Avery Benson’s alley-pop tomahawk at the final stretch against Baylor. But, if coach Beard calls to hold the ball and let the time run then he makes the call.