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Takeaways from the Kirby Hocutt Radio Show

Texas Tech Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt discussed men's hoops and more including an exclusive interview with ESPN sideline reporter Holly Rowe, who will be at the West Virginia-Texas Tech game in the future. Texas Tech's Senior Associate AD and CFO Jonathan Botros joined as well to discuss concessions and beer sales this past week.

... Hocutt opened up the show by saying it is always good to beat Oklahoma in anything, which Red Raider basketball did on Tuesday night.

... Track and field is around the corner and Wes Kittley doesn't rebuild, he reloads. Hocutt said when they finish top-five and what could've been it's a built program. He added that Tim Tadlock built a program with baseball and Chris Beard is currently building a program with strong teams so far.

... Football coach Matt Wells will go on a Texas tour this spring including the spring scrimmages in Frisco, Midland and in Lubbock. Hocutt said they want the state to meet the new staff. There's a small portion that will be in Dallas tomorrow, actually. Next week, during the Hocutt show, they will be at a luncheon at the Petroleum Club in Midland. Hocutt told a story about the time some 'colleagues' from Austin visited Midland before. He wants Texas Tech in control of that area, though, so they make it a priority to visit frequently when they can.

... Rowe said she wasn't surprised that Clemson won this past National Championship but was surprised by how they took down Alabama. She gave credit to the Tigers' defensive line for being dominating.

... Rowe said the win over Oklahoma was huge for Texas Tech basketball because the Sooners are a lot better than people think.

... Rowe, without blowing smoke, said Beard's basketball sessions are her favorite in the country. She said they take the floor with tons of energy for practice then Beard plays an "epic" playlist with one song for the players like a rap tune then one for Beard like Travis Tritt. The key in his practice session though are the short stints they utilize. They'll play two songs then break into a short, intense teaching session and repeat.

... Rowe said Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney built a strong brand for himself behind the idea of being open and welcoming to the behind the scenes of his program - something Beard is doing, too. When it comes to it, Beard is intense and into it on the court but is a fun, warm and open coach off of it, according to Rowe.

... Botros followed Rowe on the phone. Hocutt thanked him for serving as the quarterback behind can-friendly pricing.

... Botros said they were prepared and maxed out the first game these concession changes were implemented. The lines were hectic on day one so they shifted things on Tuesday, which will decrease wait time. Botros said they added hot dog, popcorn and food point of sale stands to help with that.

... Botros said they sold almost 2,000 hot dogs on Saturday and around 700 nachos with the fan-friendly pricing.

... The "Ask the AD" section of the show opened up with a question about Kliff Kingsbury to the Arizona Cardinals. Hocutt said he congratulated him and received a great response from Kliff. He said the Cardinals did not reach out at any point to speak with Kingsbury during his tenure at Texas Tech.

... Zero arrests were made with the introduction of beer sales, too, a positive takeaway.

... The groundbreaking for the Womble Practice Facility breaks ground in a couple of weeks by the United Supermarkets Arena. Hocutt said they've talked about parking with the new building. The university is bringing in a parking and traffic consultant in general to discuss campus traffic but they will consult them on basketball parking issues as well to see if they can do anything to help with congestion.

... The Lubbock Municipal Coliseum is beginning to prep for it's demolition, which is scheduled for April. The area will be a green space for tailgating for a few years.

... Hocutt said he's always been a Dallas Cowboys fan. He wants the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes to meet the Boys in the Super Bowl for a best of both worlds situation. He's pulling for a LA Chargers-Kansas City Chiefs AFC title game, too, with Anthony Lynn leading the Bolts.