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Signee QA: Broderick Washington

Longview (Texas) defensive tackle Broderick Washington camped with the Red Raiders last summer, where he was thought to be an offensive lineman prospect at the time. The Tech coaches liked him better as a defender, and he signed with the Red Raiders as a DT back in February.
Washington is profiled below in the latest edition of our Signee Q&A series.
Tell me something about yourself that might surprise people.
"I guess you could say that I'm all about taking care of business."
What's your favorite class in school? Least favorite? Why?
"My favorite class in school is probably Astronomy because once I got into that class and started learning about the planets, the stars, and space in general I got really interested in it and it made it my favorite class. I don't really have a least favorite class."
Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck? Why?
"Probably one horse-sized duck because I feel like I would have a better chance against one rather than having to fight 100 of them."
Do you have a pregame ritual?
"Kind of. I just try to listen to my music and get in the zone."
Do you have a nickname?
"I have a couple of them actually. My family calls me Broderick Jr. or BJ and then in football one of my closest friends used to call me Bone-crusher. Every time we would play a game and I would make a block or pancake someone, he would be on the sideline calling me Bone-crusher."
What's your favorite meal?
"Probably steak."
What are the five most played songs on your iTunes?
"I Don't Get Tired by Kevin Gates, We Are Strong by Lil Bibby featuring Kevin Gates, I'm a really big Kevin Gates fan so most of my songs would be any song by Kevin Gates."
When did you first realize that you had the potential to be a Div. I football player?
"When I first Coach (John) King my eighth grade year. He was my head coach during my whole high school career. He always stayed on me and pushed me and became like a father figure to me. He worked me hard and that's when I knew I had the potential."
What's the most unique thing a coach said or did during your recruitment?
"A couple of coaches always talked about how physical I was."
What was the one determining factor in your decision to be a Red Raider?
"My sophomore year they had a satellite camp at our high school and I was able to get to know all the coaches. The energy they had on the field with us going through the drills and stuff was crazy and after that, after that camp my sophomore year, I made up my mind that I wanted to be a Red Raider and I was going to do whatever it took to get a scholarship there and when I got it, I told myself I was going to commit and that is where I was going."
What was your favorite moment during the process?
"When Coach King called me and told me that Texas Tech had an offer for me."
What was the worst part of the process?
"Waiting for Texas Tech to offer me."
What was your favorite part about your official visit to Texas Tech?
"When Texas Tech ran out from under the tunnel. It was something about seeing the horse run across the field and hearing the Matador song, I don't know , it is unexplainable really."
What school would you have chosen if you hadn't signed with the Red Raiders?
"I probably would have went on and went to A&M. I probably would have taken that offer."
Excluding Texas Tech, what were your three favorite visits during the recruiting process?
"I didn't take any other visits."
What position will you be playing at Texas Tech?
"They told me that I would be playing the nose, head up over the center."
Do you expect to redshirt this season?
"I don't think so. Every time I talk to the coaches they tell me that I better be ready to come and play because I am not going to be sitting around. I'll be ready."