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Signee Q&A: DB Dequanteous Watts

We caught up with Maynard Jackson (GA) corner Dequanteous Watts as part of our signee Q&A series for the class of 2019. He answered a few questions as he prepares to make the transition from a Maynard Jackson Jaguar to a Texas Tech Red Raider.

What was the most memorable moment of your high school career?

"It was my first interception, my junior year."

What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

"When my grades weren't right, there were coaches - like the coaches at Texas Tech - that stayed in contact with me and continued recruiting me knowing that I could take care of things."

What was the craziest thing a coach said to you in your recruitment?

"That is kind of hard to answer. There was one coach, he said something like 'if you choose us, be ready to come down here and work your ass off' and I remember that one."

What was the biggest reason you chose Texas Tech?

"To play early, and the opportunity to play defensive back in the Big12 conference. I feel that I could make it to the league from Tech."

What number do you want to wear at Tech and why?

"No. 21 or No. 14, no real reason for No. 14, but that was my junior season and my first interception."

What are you goals for your freshman season, and overall in your Tech career?

"I want to win freshman and Big12 All-American. Overall, getting my degree and getting to the league is the overall goal for my career at Tech."

Who is your favorite football player, and why?

"Jalen Ramsey, because he talks the most trash. He is a long and physical corner."

Favorite movie?

"Fast & Furious, all of the latest ones."

RIP Paul Walker
RIP Paul Walker

You get to pick one song to play when you out of the tunnel, what is it?

"Quando Rondo - Scarred from Love"

Current height & weight?

"6-foot, 162-pounds"

Favorite sports teams?

"I will continue being an Atlanta Falcons fan. I only like watching the playoffs in the NBA, and I'm a Rockets fan."

One last thing you want to tell the Texas Tech fans reading this before you move to Lubbock?

"Here I come, it's about to be a journey."