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Signee Q&A: Defensive back Adrian Frye

We caught up with Aldine (TX) Eisenhower defensive back Adrian Frye, who signed his letter of intent to play for the Red Raiders on National Signing Day. As part of our Signee Q&A series, we asked Frye a few questions.

What made you decide to sign with Texas Tech?

"Texas Tech made me realize that I can still go to a good D1 program, still get a nice D1 education, it's still a little close to home so my mom can come see me, and on top of that I have grandparents up there so they can come see me. I'm a big fan of D1 Texas football so it makes me feel at home, makes me feel safe to go out west from Houston. It still feels like I'm at home."

Which position will you specifically be playing when you get to campus?

"Cornerback or safety."

You can have any football player on your team. In this fantasy, who do you pick?

"Patrick Peterson, Tyrann Mathieu, or Jamal Adams"

Current height and weight?

"6-0, 175 lbs."

Whataburger or In-N-Out and why?

"In-N-Out Burger because knowing they have great-tasting burgers, they have great fries, I think it's high-quality meat."

What stuck out to you most about Tech or Lubbock on your visits?

"Down here all I hear about is there's nobody out there, but when I went out there, they made realize it wasn't just tumbleweeds and dust storms. It really opened my eyes, there was more down there than just Texas Tech and open field."

You can have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, and ask them any questions you might have. Who would you pick?

"Sean Taylor."

Do you feel like you've already built a bond with anyone on the team or in the class with you?

"With the recruiting class, it would be me, John Davis, and Quincy Addison. We all went down there as fellow DBs, we spent time with Coach (Karl) Scott, and we all got a great chance to bond. It really gave me a chance to see who I'm going to playing with and living with for the next four years. As far as on the team, I have a good relationship with Willie Sykes, the transfer from Arkansas. He actually grew up down here where I'm from so that's another brother from home."

What's your expectation for yourself in your first season at Tech?

"Personally I plan on going down there to try and break the starting lineup and just show everybody in the country that Texas Tech isn't a team to play with and that we actually come to ball, especially down here in Texas."

Favorite movie you saw recently?

"Kong: Skull Island."

You gotta pick one song to play when you run out of the tunnel. What is it?

"Congratulations by Post Malone."

Who is your favorite football player, and why?

"Right now I'd have to say Jamal Adams or Jalen Ramsey because they can do a little bit of everything."

One last thing you want to tell Texas Tech fans before you head to Lubbock?

"Get ready because the show's just beginning."