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Ron Bailey of HoyaReport chats Georgetown ahead of tonight's matchup

What is the identity of the Hoyas this season?

They desire to be a physical, inside outside team. One that pushes the tempo. They are not there yet.

Has Ewing struggled at the helm of Georgetown?

On balance yes, in five years they've had one NCAA experience; winning the BIG EAST Tournament, a run that culminated in a late season surge, yet getting blown out in the Big Dance. They've never finished substantially over .500, and have actually been cellar dwellers in the league. Going 0-21 to finish last year, including winning no league games has taken any goodwill that existed from the fan base.

Schematically, how do the Hoyas play?

They want to go inside, outside on offense. They are an offensive team that runs and will press. Defensively Georgetown is a man-to-man team.

Who are the standouts for this team?

The transfer backcourt of Primo Spears & Brandon Murray are currently the primary offensive weapons. Both can score and make plays. The latter has missed two straight games.

Veteran big man Qudus Wahab must be accounted for also, as in a perfect world they frequently go through him for points.

Akok Akok, a UConn transfer forward, has rebounded and shot from perimeter. He's quietly been their most consistent and likely important player.

Do the Hoyas possess a lot of size?

Yes and no. The starting backcourt is 6'2" and 6'4". The center and power forward are 6'11" and 6'9". The wings are relatively smaller (6'3", 6'4"). That's where they are challenged. They don't have much size, depth wise, outside of the centers.

What needs to go right for Georgetown to win in Lubbock?

For that to happen, Georgetown must shoot 50-55% from the field and 38-39% from distance. Turnovers need to be below the average of around 13. Texas Tech can't get live ball turnovers, and must be forced to shoot outside the paint except for Pop Isaacs. Hoyas must equal or best the Red Raiders on the boards and keep the Red Raiders under around eight fast-break points.