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RedRaiderSports teams with community-serving NIL group The Matador Club is proud to announce a partnership with The Matador Club, a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, that focuses on creating avenues for Texas Tech student-athletes to capitalize on their name, image and likeness, aka NIL.

The Matador Club was organized by alumni, boosters and former Red Raider athletes with the goal to directly impact the lives of student-athletes, nonprofits, local businesses and Texas Tech.

The Matador Club is also governed by a board that consists of Red Raiders with the same goal in making the organization successful: Cody Campbell and John Sellers (Fort Worth), Tim Culp (Midland), Terry Fuller (Southlake), Marc McDougal (Lubbock), and Gary Petersen (Houston).

Through this venture, Red Raiders are able to come to deals with different organizations to make a positive impact through NIL.

The college sports world has seen a big difference once NIL was fully approved across the country last summer. One thing is clear - money is needed from different avenues. It's become more than just a competition on the field but now through NIL.

With the partnership between RedRaiderSports and The Matador Club, RedRaiderSports subscribers will have the option to add a graphic to their signature and/or change their avatar to custom icons that denotes the user as a donor to The Matador Club.

The icons will range from bronze, silver and gold options based on the amount donated to The Matador Club, which will have a specific URL set for current RedRaiderSports subscribers to go and donate.

RedRaiderSports users, like non-subscribers, can give a one-time donation or donate monthly. Subscribers can expect a tier level as follows:

Base - $10-$24/month or $100-$299/one-time

Bronze - $25-$49/month or $300-$599/one-time

Silver - $50-$99/month or $600-$1,199/one-time

Gold - $100+/month or $1,200+/one-time

This all works as well for past RedRaiderSports subscribers who have already given (or giving) to The Matador Club.

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