RedRaiderSports - Randolph discusses Bradford's impact, coaching philosophy and more
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Randolph discusses Bradford's impact, coaching philosophy and more

Photo by Texas Tech Athletics
Photo by Texas Tech Athletics

Defensive line coach Paul Randolph had some high praise for true freshman Tony Bradford Jr. as did coach Matt Wells.

Randolph said once he was hired on at Texas Tech that he reached out to everyone and opened up about how Bradford connected with him immediately.

"For us, we talk to the guys as we're recruiting them," Randolph said. "It's about are you physically able to do it. Well, he is. Then are you mentally mature enough to do it and he's one of those that's mentally mature enough to do it. It takes both to play at this level in this league and he's been that way since the first day I talked to him."

Randolph went on and said Bradford hasn't changed since the first tie they had a conversation. He added it was about academics and how he was doing. Then he would ask coach details about how camp was going.

The veteran defensive line coach added that Bradford is a young football junkie.

"The most impressive thing about him is his character and who he is as a person," Randolph said. "Naturally, it shows up in his work ethic. He is a hard worker, extremely smart. He's committed. His whole goal has been, 'I want to play as a freshman.' He's come in here and he's really challenged the guys. He's upped my competition, which has raised everybody's level of participation and work. Right now h'es shown strength, speed , explosiveness, power for someone just being a young player ... really, really a positive and major plus in camp."

Bradford has a strong support system though starting in front of him with Eli Howard and Broderick Washington, two veterans the Red Raider defense will rely on heavily.

Randolph talked about Howard and Washington naturally set the tone for the defensive line position. The duo raises the level of play by how tough and fast they work.

Randolph said the depth on the front line of the defense has formed and shaped itself through spring camp. But, he does understand that he inherited some good players capable of doing their jobs. Now, it's about the former Memphis coach to do his.

"I think the biggest thing is me coaching. I'm going to coach every single one of them the same," Randolph said. "I tell them I love them the same, I'm going to straighten them the same, I'm going to pat them all on the back the same, I'm going to encourage them the same but I'm also going to get in them the same. For me, it's all about developing ... They know I'm committed to them being the best player that they can be so naturally they're working with each other to be the best they can be."