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Practice Seventeen Takeaways presented by Energy Renovation Center

With the last viewing period concluded and opening night nearing, we spoke with offensive line coach Stephen Hamby and defensive line coach Zarnell Fitch for the last time during camp.

Stephen Hamby:

Hamby opened his press conference speaking about the center position.

“They’re going through the battle right now and were naming him (Dennis Wilburn) the starter as of now,” Hamby said. “Cade is still in the mix with everything, Cade is learning the system, and this is the first time he’s ever played center. Dennis has already played center.”

Hamby continued speaking about the secondary plan for Cade Briggs as the battle concludes.

“At the guard position, we’ve got to make sure we have depth there,” Hamby said. “I would rather be able to fit him in. If I can’t get him in at center, I’d like to see him fight for a spot on the inside.”

Hamby spoke about how he expects to handle the expected absence of Cole Spencer during his press conference.

“It’s next man up,” Hamby said. “There’s no easy way to speak about it, I mean, whoever’s in, we’re riding.”

Zarnell Fitch:

Fitch spoke about the five defensive linemen that he expects to be in the rotation come September 3rd.

“Right now, I’m looking at a situation where we’ve got five guys,” Fitch said. “When you look at Jay Boog (Jaylon Hutchings), Tony (Bradford), Vidal (Scott), he was a starter at his previous school, Myles (Cole) was a starter at his previous school, and Philip Blidi started for us in the spring game.”

Fitch spoke highly of all five men throughout his press conference, especially outside of football.

“I mean, unbelievable young man,” Fitch said about Tony Bradford. “I think he’s a great pillar for this community.”

Vidal Scott:

Scott spoke briefly to the media but spoke about his lengthy journey to get to Texas Tech and told an interesting story about a special phone call from James Blanchard.

“I was originally committed to Eastern Michigan, but the day of me packing up my car and going to drive up there, I get a call from James Blanchard, offering me a scholarship,” Scott said. “Once he gave me that call, I took it, no questions asked.”

Scott has been on a lengthy journey and has been to a few schools during his collegiate career.

“In 2017, I went from FCS to Junior College to FBS at Arkansas State and now I’m here,” Scott said. “It’s really a dream come true, and I’ve got to take the best of the opportunity.”

Dennis Wilburn:

Wilburn spoke about his fall camp and what he believes has separated him from Cade Briggs in the competition.

“Really just to stay patient and everything,” Wilburn said. “I came in already as an underdog, you know, walk on. Everything going against me, so I had to keep my head down and go to work.”

Wilburn told a story about what drives him and why he is so motivated.

“He (Briggs) was on scholarship already, and I wasn’t, and I already knew the type of dude that I was, so that pushed me from the beginning,” Wilburn said. “Then an article had come out and it said that ‘a walk-on couldn’t be the starting center’ and I was like ‘nah, we’re going to change that.’”

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