McElroys decision nears

It's been a wild ride for Southlake (TX) Carroll senior quarterback Greg McElroy. Despite not starting a single game until this season, the gunslinger quickly blossomed into a hot commodity in the spring. McElroy has camped and visited at schools across the country over the past six months: Stanford, Ole Miss, Texas Tech, Kansas, North Carolina, Brigham Young, Tennessee, Texas and Alabama. After amassing quite a collection of offers, the No. 14 pro-style quarterback in the 2006 class is ready to end the ride.
"[Recruiting] is pretty crazy," said McElroy. "It's not too bad, it just gets a little old after a while."
Things look to get a little crazier for McElroy before they settle down; the Texas 100 member will be announcing his decision this Thursday at a restaurant in Southlake. Although no one knows for sure, most assume that the Carroll signal caller will pick from Stanford, Texas Christian, North Carolina and Texas Tech.
"If I had to make my decision tomorrow, I'd be up all night thinking about it. There are a couple of schools that stand out for different reasons. I have a short little list; right now I'm just trying to work on the pros and cons of those schools."
One of the factors that is sure to weigh heavily in McElroy's decision is playing time, which is what may put the Red Raiders at a disadvantage. Besides having a stable of young talent at quarterback, Texas Tech received a commitment from Abilene (TX) standout Taylor Potts in March; the other three assumed finalists have yet to pick up a quarterback in the class of 2006.
McElroy has the physical and mental tools to go into Palo Alto, Fort Worth or Chapel Hill and compete for playing time as a true freshman; he would likely not be able to do so in Lubbock. will be in attendance for McElroy's press conference; be sure to go Inside the Double T on Thursday at 12:15 CDT for live coverage of McElroy's decision.
NOTE: Armen Williams contributed to this report.
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