Juco DB Butler still has Red Raiders high on list

We were able to catch up with Tyler JC cornerback standout Quincy Butler yesterday and managed to get a bonus in the conversation, Robert Spells was there as well. While Robert didn’t have much time to talk Quincy was more than happy to give us a little time.
Quincy, did you hear about the recruiting haul Texas Tech had this weekend?
“Yeah, I know John Harris fairly well, so I talked to him for a while. He told me that Tech was the place to be and asked me when I was going to commit.”
Does it change your timetable any knowing that Tech is looking at several guys in your same position?
“No, the Tech coaches and I talked today and they told me my offer stood regardless of what happened. So I am just taking my time right now and trying to concentrate on my season.”
Speaking of your season, what are your stats now?
“At the end of last week I had 38 tackles, 4 interceptions and 6 batted passes. Not too bad for me this year.”
So who has offered you recently?
“Iowa, Missouri and Utah are the most recent.”
Do you have any interest in any of them?
“Not really, I am pretty well set on who I am interested in. I don’t really have time to look at all the new offers. I am just sticking with who has been there all the way.”
So who’s in the lead and do you expect to make a decision soon?
“Well, I would have to say that Tech is at the top. You know, I signed with them out of high school and they have always been there. I was supposed to take a trip to Iowa State this weekend, but after watching Tech play them I just called and cancelled. I think I’ll go home this weekend since we have it off.”
The decision?
“Oh, I am going to try to get through the season, but who knows, I may make the call earlier.”