Is Finley Running With The Red Raiders

During his senior year as a tight end for Texas Tech, Mickey Peters caught 78 passes for 975 yards and 12 touchdowns. With those numbers, it’s not hard to see why every tight end in the nation would be drooling all over themselves to line up for Mike Leach. Amazingly, this is not the case. However, recently, the number four tight end in the nation changed his tune.
Jermichael Finley from Diboll, Texas has seen what Tech can do for his stats and he is thoroughly impressed. Finley, who was being recruited in football and basketball, recently decided to focus solely on football, because that is where the most attention was coming from. Immediately Tech entered his top five.
“LSU, Tech, Arizona, U of H, and A&M. That’s my top five,” Finley said. “They all throw the ball a lot, and, A&M, well, I just really like them.”
Finley (6-foot-4, 210 pounds) hasn’t exactly thrown in the towel on his basketball dreams, but he wasn’t pleased with the way recruiting was going. However, he is still very open to playing basketball at the school he chooses, if given that opportunity.
In fact, Finley will be at the Las Vegas Tournament this week to show off his skills and try and get some more basketball attention. As for his football schedule, he plans on hitting up LSU and Arizona during the summer for unofficial visits. He’s also been to the A&M campus.
It looks like LSU is firmly entrenched in his lead. With the 2004 National Championship trophy in their trophy case, it’s hard to deny them. He’s already planning that unofficial visit, and he calls the LSU coaches once a month on his own.
Finley is working hard this offseason to get stronger and faster and prepare for his final year in high school. He’s looking to rack up over 1000 yards receiving and 20 touchdowns.
We'll have more on Finley and Tech in Friday's Red Raider Confidential.
To watch film on Finley, go here: Finley Highlights
Jermichael Finley is #2 on the Top 30.
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