Free Update: Andrus says my mind is made up

Running back Emeal Andrus from Sealy says he, “Pretty much has his mind made up,” and that is to play football at Texas Tech next year. He did say that if that didn’t work out he still would look at TCU or Oklahoma. Andrus said he still has to take his SAT, but he should commit in January or February.
Andrus gave a few reasons for why he likes Tech so much better than other schools. “They’re offense is the number one offense in the nation, and my coach told me it was a really good school to go to.”

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As everyone knows Tech uses its running backs a little different then most schools, but Emeal says he will fit in to the offense. “Our offense tried to throw to me this year and I got to touch the ball about 25 times a game.”
“I would like to compete for a spot immediately,” Andrus, who already really likes running back’s coach Bill Bedenbaugh, said. “I know they have some good backs already and it’s up to the coaches really, but I think I can compete from the beginning.