Five most explosive Red Raiders

In honor of the July 4 holiday weekend, here's a look at the five most
explosive players on the Texas Tech football roster.
No. 5 - Darrin Moore - Moore could end up being the
Red Raiders' No. 1 receiver this season. He had a great spring and was the
team's best deep threat. Moore, a junior, didn't see a lot of action in 2010; he
caught 15 passes for 117 yards and a touchdown. Moore will definitely improve
upon those numbers this season.
No. 4 - Marcus Kennard - Kennard, a junior college
transfer from Butler County Community College in Kansas, is expected to provide
an immediate solution for the team's lack of proven options at outside receiver.
He looked good in the spring when he was healthy, although there was a bit of a
learning curve.
No. 3 - Ronnie Daniels - Daniels may or may not be
"explosive" in terms of outrunning 11 defenders but he sure will pop you if you
get in his way. Daniels, an early enrollee from Albuquerque, was easily the
biggest surprise to come out of spring for the Red Raiders. He's college ready
and is the type of player where one broken tackle could turn into something big.
No. 2 - Eric Stephens - Stephens will be the featured
back in the Red Raiders' offense and for good reason. This will be Stephens
third year as a starter and he's earned his role by being elusive. He has a good
grasp on the spin move, the juke and he's always going to put his head down to
eek out another yard. Stephens is another guy where if he breaks a tackle it
could be over for the opposing defense.
No. 1 - Ben McRoy - McRoy isn't as big as
Daniels or Stephens but in the open field he is the Red Raiders' best player. Whether
it's in the return game, on a screen or running out of the shotgun, McRoy has the potential to break-off an explosive play at any point.