RedRaiderSports - Felton confident in his progress, loves competition at running back
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Felton confident in his progress, loves competition at running back

Members of the Texas Tech offense met with the media on Monday afternoon following the team's practice.

I spoke with sophomore tailback DeMarcus Felton about how he's grown as a player, what he thinks about his new position coach and more.

Q: As a whole, just how do you feel like fall camp went for you and the team?

"I feel like fall camp went pretty good. The whole team was able to build, get stronger and faster, and we should see a new team with the Texas Tech Red Raiders this year. I feel like things, learning the offense and everything. I know the offense much better now than I did coming in. I'm really just ready to play."

Q: And what has that process been like for you, just learning the offense and growing into being a college running back over the last few years?

"I think really that redshirt year really helped me a lot as far as learning the offense and getting bigger and stronger. I think it helped a lot in leading up to this point as we head into the game against SFA."

Q: What was it like learning from a guy like DeAndre Washington, just picking up what he was doing and listening to him as a veteran?

"He was a great mentor. He was like a big brother to us, and seeing him go out there and just run for a 1,000 yards back-to-back, it was flat out amazing. It's a even become a goal to top him for all the backs here. We encourage each other to do everything at our best, so it was a blessing getting to see him play and everything and now get to that next level, see what he's doing up there, too."

Q: How competitive is it in that room of running backs? You guys are all pretty talented, so what's it like to compete against those guys every day?

"It's all love, but we know it's competition at the end of the day. We're competing non-stop to get each other better. We're going to help each other, we're not going to leave anybody out, but again, it's always about competition and putting your best foot forward."

Q: What's it been like really getting to know DeShaun Foster here over the last eight months or so?

"It's been great. He teaches us a lot. He comes from the top level there is, so he's always giving us pointers on what to look for ahead of time more than we did last year."

Q: And being that he's a guy that was an NFL running back that played in a super bowl, do you guys really shut up and listen whenever he has something to say?

"Man, when he speaks, you know you better pay attention and tune in to what he's saying, cause you know it's going to help you a lot."

Q: What are the things about him as both a coach and person that have really stuck out to you so far?

"He's always bringing energy to our room in everything. We know when he's up, we're up. We know as players we always have to come up here with energy and everything, so it's been a blessing getting coached by him."

Q: When speaking with him or Mike Jinks about you as a runner, they both have always said that you have the best vision as a running back of anyone in the unit. Why is that, do you think?

"I think it all started when I was playing little league. It was little league and my high school coaches. They would teach me to see the hole, be patient, and not to rush everything like I would do at times. Coach Foster, he tells me the same thing. When you press the hole, you've got to look for everything, cause there's gonna be two ways for you to go. I think that's why I've learned to keep my vision up and always look for more."

Q: For you, I know you've got a big opportunity here to get a much bigger role in the offense this season as the backup tailback. How excited are you for that?

"I'm very excited. It's going to be a great year for Texas Tech and everything, and for me to pitch in to what we're trying to do is going to be exciting for me. I can't wait for it."

Q: What have you seen from Justin Stockton, and what do you expect out of him this year?

"The speed is still there. He's gotten faster, and we've all gotten faster. Seeing him kind of grow from when we both came in, how he's in the room and leading us, it's been great seeing him grow and everything, seeing him run the ball, so it's exciting for me to see him do that."

Q: What has it been like both watching and playing behind this offensive line so far in fall camp, and what do you expect out of them with a few new guys in the mix?

"It's been good. They've been learning a lot, and they've been getting stronger by the minute, so it's been really good. I believe they're ready for sure for this weekend."

Q: What sticks out to you about this offense coming out of fall camp, and where do you think the unit is headed this season?

"I feel like we aren't at our peak right now, but we're ready to put our talents out there as fast as we can. That's our tempo, and we don't slow down for nobody."