Big 12 Fantasy Rankings: Quarterbacks

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College Fantasy Football is far from a perfect science. It's especially quirky
in September when the strength of schedule imbalance is at its worst. Equally
imperfect and difficult is the attempt at drawing up CFF rankings in June when
numerous, pivotal camp battles are still being waged. However, in the spirit of
fun offseason football fodder, we plan to do just that in the coming weeks.
This series of articles aims to spotlight the best CFF talent in the Big 12 and
will stack up the league's stars based on each individual's perceived value and
projections based on what we know today. Again, with plenty of roles yet to be
established, these values and rankings could change dramatically over the next
two months and, unlike the NFL, there isn't a large sample size of career stats
to fall back on with many of these players -- especially at today's spotlighted
Big 12 position group: quarterback.
In 17 seasons of Big 12 football, the league's quarterback pool has produced
numerous Heisman trophy finalists, multiple Heisman winners and even a No. 1
overall NFL draft pick (Oklahoma's Sam Bradford in 2010). Many of these studs
posted monster numbers, all played on winning teams. Fantasy football though,
doesn't care about your winning percentage, only the numbers that you post.
While several of the quarterbacks ranked highly on the list below should compete
for a Big 12 title, keep in mind that signal callers on mediocre teams
constantly engaged in shoot-outs or playing from behind (and thus, forced to
throw a ton) can sometimes post stats just as impressive.
The Big 12's illustrious quarterback history also typically has a lot more
seasoned veterans at this all-important position than what we'll see in the
league in 2013, where only one of the league's projected starters (David Ash),
started more than half of his team's games in 2012.
For the purposes of these rankings we'll use a standard fantasy quarterback
scoring system:
4 points for every passing TD
6 points for every rushing TD
1 point for every 25 passing yards
1 point for every 10 rushing yards
-2 points for every interception or fumble
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There you have it -- an early fantasy forecast for the Big 12's quarterbacks. The
list is sure to fluctuate in the months ahead and will be worth even less than
that grande latte by the end of the season, but for now, it's fun football
fodder to get you through the dog days as we count down the minutes until
Brian Hanni is the play-by-play voice of Texas Tech Men's Basketball and
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