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Signee Q&A: Linebacker Bryce Robinson

We caught up with Sachse linebacker Bryce Robinson as part of our signee Q&A series for the class of 2019. We asked him a few questions as he prepares to make the transition from a Sachse Mustang to a Texas Tech Red Raider.

 What was the most memorable moment of your high school career?  

"My junior year when we played Rockwall and it went into overtime. Our school has not been past the second round of the playoffs in our school history. So we went to overtime with Rockwall, the ball was on the 1-yard line. It was either we stop them and we win or they score and we go to another overtime. They did a little pull play, I blew up the pulling guard and my friend came over and clipped the running back to give us the win. We all screamed and cheered and we made school history."

 What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?   

"Just talking with schools that you never thought you'd ever talk to, and just going up and saying 'I want to go to that school', where you grew up watching that school on TV and then they're coming to talk to you in person. That was probably the most exciting thing about recruiting."

 What was the craziest thing a coach said to you in your recruitment?  

"I can't think of anything too crazy."

What was the biggest reason you picked Texas Tech?      

"The biggest reason the first time was Kingsbury and the coaching staff, it was just the vibe I got with them and everything just felt right with them. I also liked the school, the campus, the people around Lubbock were nice. So when the coaching staff changed I stuck with it because while they weren't the same, I got the same feeling. They're more business like and more serious, I like their mentality towards things and then I was just committed to the school and not the coaches, and the education at Tech is good."

What number do you want to wear at Tech and why?    

"10, because when Reuben Foster was at Alabama he wore 10 and that's my favorite linebacker."

What are your goals for your freshman season, and overall in your Tech career?      

"Freshman season of course get some playing time, try to be an impact player off the top. And then goals for my career are lead the Big 12 in tackles, win a Big 12 championship and then ultimately make it to the NFL."

Current height and weight?        

"6-foot-1, 240 pounds."

Who is your favorite football player and why?        

"My favorite football player would have to be Luke Kuechly. His intelligence, the way he attacks the game, the way he mentally prepares for the game, just his whole demeanor about football and his life is pretty good and I want to mimic that in my football career."

You can have dinner with anyone in the world who would you pick?      

"Probably Cardi B."

Favorite movie?      

"My favorite movie has to be ‘Friday’."

You’ve got to pick one song to play when you run out of the tunnel. What is it?      

"Mind Of A Maniac by Lil Boosie."

Whataburger or In-N-Out?


Houston or Dallas?


Pat Mahomes or Baker Mayfield?

"Oh Patrick Mahomes."

One last thing you want to tell Texas Tech fans before you head to Lubbock?          

"Be ready for another impact linebacker to come through Texas Tech!"