RedRaiderSports - Signee Q&A: Defensive End Quentin Yontz
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Signee Q&A: Defensive End Quentin Yontz

We continue our signee Q&A series with Fullerton (CA) strongside defensive end Quentin Yontz. Yontz signed his letter of intent with Texas Tech shortly after visiting the campus in April. We caught up with him and asked a few questions.

What made you decide to sign with Texas Tech?

"I was super interested in the school. I did some research when they offered me, they play in the Big 12, great competition. My visit felt really good just the coaches were super friendly, super nice, I liked what they were preaching and what they said was the plan for me, how they were going to get the job done and a few of my friends actually play in the Big 12 so the chance to play against them at the next level is really exciting."

Which position will you specifically be playing when you get to campus?

"Defensive end position, and then on passing downs I'll move to three technique and maybe some interior."

You can have any football player on your team. In this fantasy, who do you pick?

"I'd have to go with J.J. Watt just a dominant defensive end. Setting up a defense, I would personally chose a defensive end pass rusher first. Just someone to set the pace of the game and get after the quarterback hopefully make him make some judgement errors."

Current height and weight?

"6-3, 262 pounds."

Whataburger or In-N-Out and why?

"I haven't had Whataburger yet so I'd have to go with In-N-Out right now, that may change though."

What stuck out to you most about Tech or Lubbock on your visit?

"The town is super awesome, I feel like it's just one hundred percent Texas Tech town. It lives, breathes, dies football. The kind of town that revolves around the school so that's pretty cool and just the atmosphere, stadium, and all the coaches just the vibe you get from being on the campus is really nice. It's easy to fall in love with it for sure."

You can have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, and ask them any questions you might have. Who would you pick?

"I'd have to go with Steve Jobs and ask him just what was he going through when he was making a great company and just wisdom from him and the choices he made and the legacy he made."

Do you feel like you've already built a bond with anyone on the team or in the class with you?

"I hung out with Tyler Carr, defensive end there. He's a freshman. He's pretty cool so that's probably the guy I know most right now, but I'm just looking forward to get down there, start meeting the team and start getting to work with them."

What's your expectation for yourself in your first season at Tech?

"Contribute to the team as much as I can, win football games, do whatever the coaches ask me to. I"m looking personally to start or just do whatever they want from me and I'm trying to get a championship so you can't aim too high so I'm going for the big ring right now, a national championship."

Favorite movie you saw recently?

"The Fate of the Furious."

You gotta pick one song to play when you run out of the tunnel. What is it?

"The Final Countdown by Europe"

Who is your favorite football player, and why?

"I'd probably go with Clay Matthews, just because he walked on and then started at USC. Just his story and how he came to be a great dominant outside linebacker and won a Super Bowl. Maybe even Vontaze Burfict, he went to my high school and he's just a wreckless player on the field so just someone who went to my high school and made it is pretty inspiring."

One last thing you want to tell Texas Tech fans before you head to Lubbock?

"Get ready to win, I'm trying to win. I just got off of a national championship spree so I'm trying to bring some wins to Lubbock, make them really dominant in the Big 12."