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QA: Corey Dauphine

Port Arthur (Texas) Memorial running back Corey Dauphine was one of the staples of the 2015 recruiting class for the Red Raiders, as the coaching staff discovered the talented tailback before essentially any other coaching staff. He then exploded onto the recruiting scene, but the Tech coaches were able to fight off many other top programs in the end.
Dauphine is profiled below in the latest installment of our signee Q&A feature which we are running on all of the members of the Red Raiders' 2015 signing class.
Tell me something about yourself that might surprise people.
"I work hard, and I don't give up."
What's your favorite class in school? Least favorite? Why?
"My favorite I would say is Reading. My least favorite is probably Math. I hate everything about it and hate having to solve those problems."
Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck? Why?
"I don't know. I'd take the one horse-sized duck because it is just one thing, one problem I have to worry about. The fact that the duck is as big as a horse doesn't scare me."
Do you have a pregame ritual?
"I kind of do. I pray before every game and then I get into game mode and imagine the other team talking about me and saying things about me."
Do you have a nickname?
"People call me C-Bolt."
What's your favorite meal?
"I wouldn't say I have a favorite meal because I'd eat anything, but I will go with fish."
What are the five most played songs on your iTunes?
"I'd have to say Drake and nobody else after him. I listen to a lot of Drake."
When did you first realize that you had the potential to be a Div. I football player?
"I would say junior year. I had just seen myself outworking people and I just felt like I worked harder than everyone else and made myself ready for the next level."
What's the most unique thing a coach said or did during your recruitment?
"The Texas Tech coaches said that I could be their guy."
What was the one determining factor in your decision to be a Red Raider?
"My number one factor was the relationship I had with the coaches, that was one of the main things. All the coaches talked to me during my recruitment and I was able to build something with all of them. I knew their backgrounds and I knew they were hard workers and were about business. I knew I could spend four years with them."
What was your favorite moment during the process?
"My favorite moment was on my official to Tech. I just loved it there and had a lot of fun on my visit."
What was the worst part of the process?
"I don't think I had a worst part. The whole process was just a lot of fun. I remember one time my plane got delayed, and I had to wait for awhile but that was about it."
What was your favorite part about your official visit to Texas Tech?
"There were a few things that I really liked about it, I just had a blast. We went bowling with the coaches and it was a lot of fun just to bond with them."
What school would you have chosen if you hadn't signed with the Red Raiders?
"I don't know. I didn't really see myself going to any school but Texas Tech when they offered me. If the offer from Texas Tech never came, I would have probably gone to Baylor."
Excluding Texas Tech, what were your three favorite visits during the recruiting process?
"I really enjoyed my visit to Tennessee."
What did you all eat during Kliff Kingsbury's in-home visit with your family?
"We didn't eat anything because he had to go, it was a quick visit."
Have you met all of the academic requirements to enroll at Texas Tech?
"Yes sir."
What position will you be playing at Texas Tech?
"Running back."
Do you expect to redshirt this season?
"No, not really. The coaches never talked about that with me. I think I can play right away due to my speed, my power, and my size.
When will you arrive in Lubbock for good?
"Sunday, May 30th."