Free: Nelson tripping to Tech

With the first unofficial visit out of the way, Jonathan Nelson is ready to push forward. Oklahoma was supposed to be the site of the first visit, however a conflict kept Nelson from making it to Norman and instead he visited Stillwater and the Oklahoma State Cowboys. This week, it's off to west Texas to see the Red Raiders.
"Yeah, I'm taking a trip to Texas Tech this weekend. I'm going to try to go to A&M sometime after that," Nelson said.
Texas Tech would love to nab the highly sought after Nelson, and according to the Mansfield prep, there is definitely interest in the Red Raiders.
"They (Tech) are pretty high on my list. I've narrowed it down to a top five and that is Texas Tech, A&M, OU, Kansas, and Arkansas," Nelson said.
Finding out why Nelson has included the Red Raiders could point back to his father, but apparently there are other motives for visiting the Hub City.
"Yes, he (Jonathan's father, Brian Nelson) played at Texas Tech and then went on to play for the Minnesota Vikings. I think he played in like '77 or '78. He was a wide receiver," Nelson said. "There's some familiarity because of family and I know they've recruited a lot of good DBs and I think I could really fit in there."
Nelson doesn't have any other visits set in stone at the moment except for plans to visit A&M. Besides the visits, for rest of the summer, he enlightened us on his other plans.
"Nothing really," Nelson said. "I'm just working out a lot. I weigh like 180, but a lot of people say I'm strong for 180, so I guess that's good."
Yes, that's a good thing. Believe me when I say the college ranks have taken notice. Nelson boasts a 325-pound bench press and a 455-pound squat teamed with a 42-inch vertical leap.
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