July 27, 2009

Are the Dawgs still in the mix for Crowell?

An early candidate for the best running back in Georgia for 2011 is Carver-Columbus standout Isaiah Crowell. Crowell made the trip up to Athens two weeks ago for the Dawg Night camp. While the camp was a rousing success, a miscommunication between the UGA and Carver-Columbus coaching staffs caused the UGA staff in Athens to have to give out some unfortunate news to one of Crowell's teammates.

"I thought I performed well, and I had a good camp up in Athens," said Crowell of his trip to Georgia. "I spent a lot of time working with Coach Bryan McClendon and he is really cool. He made me feel like he really wants me next year," added the top back.

Crowell then acknowledged the mishap that happened shortly after the camp was over.

"What happened to Devin Burns kind of overshadowed it. He did not know Georgia was out of room, and it was an upsetting situation for everyone involved," he said. Our coach told them they cannot recruit our school anymore."

With offers from prominent schools across the country, including Georgia, Florida, and Southern Cal, Crowell has already become one of the most coveted players in the country, even before his junior season has begun. Coming into the trip, the Bulldogs were in contention for the 5-foot-11, 190-pound feature back. Crowell hinted that Georgia might have even been in the lead, but now that is all up in the air.

"It does not change how I feel about Georgia, but it just needs to be worked out before they can come back down here," he said. "They were at the top, and they are still okay with me. I just do not know what to think really. Without the current situation, they still are at the top."

After attending Friday Night Lights down at Florida, Crowell said he now plans to focus on his upcoming season. Were the Gators able to take advantage and become the leader for the talented junior back, who had over 1000 yards and 13 touchdowns his sophomore year?

"I do not have a leader, I am having to relook at all the schools," said Crowell. "I have talked with my family, and I am still looking at everyone who has offered."

Georgia is still in it for Crowell, but they have some work to do to reestablish their position at Carver-Columbus. According to Crowell, he thinks it will happen.

"I think my coaches would let me go up there on my own, but I would prefer it all just gets smoothed over as well. I think it will happen," said Crowell.
Crowell's teammate Gabriel Wright is also in the same boat as a UGA target at Carver-Columbus. The talented defensive tackle does not want to have any miscommunication is his recruiting.

"If Georgia gets a lot of commitments maybe they will be full too in 2011," Wright said. "How do I Know the same thing that happened to Devin won't happen to me. Honesty is a big factor for me and my recruiting."

Wright and Crowell are hoping to have the situation resolved between the respective coaching staffs soon so both athletes can pursue their interests in the Bulldogs.

"Well I love UGA and assistant coach Rodney Garner so they will always stay in my top choices," Wright said. "I hope this thing cools over fast. With Georgia, no one could have even had a chance but this changes a lot. Isaiah and I are both on the same page with UGA right now."

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