July 12, 2009

The next Shipley is a whole lot like the first

The Texas Longhorns have enjoyed the talents of wide receiver Jordan Shipley over the past few years, with the Shipley having helped Texas build one of the nation's top passing attacks in 2008. In 2009, the speedy playmaker is expected to be a leader on the Longhorn offense, and it will surprise no one to see Shipley contending for all-American honors once the season is complete.

As great as Shipley has been in a Longhorn uniform and as sad as the Texas fan base will be to see him exhaust his eligibility, there could be good news coming for Texas after Shipley's gone.

Coming down the pike is another Shipley, with Jaxon Shipley preparing for what should be a very successful junior season at Brownwood. Also a ultra-talented receiver, the younger Shipley attended a UT mini-camp on June 14, drawing rave reviews from the other participants as one of the event's top performers.

The 6-foot -inch Shipley, who played in last weekend's 7-on-7 State Tournament, also attended the Air It Out! Passing Camp in Abilene, but after talking over his options with his father, he decided to shut down the camp circuit after that stop.

As for his day in Austin, which saw two fellow receivers voted Shipley as the top player in attendance, the 175-pound Shipley was pleased with his performance.

"I think maybe I was just consistent on catching the ball and running routes. I was just doing what I was taught," Shipley said.

A technical route runner with great hands and decent quickness, Shipley is regarded as one of the state's top prospects in the 2011 class, but he does have areas in which he's trying to get better.

"I'm trying to improve on my speed right now. I'm trying to get bigger but mainly my speed because speed kills," Shipley said.

The obvious tendency is to compare Jaxon to his older brother, and Jaxon said he does see himself eventually filling a similar role to what Jordan has held at Texas.

"I think we have a lot of similarities. I'm probably a little taller than he was at this age. I think at the college level we'll be doing the same thing, slot receiver," said Jaxon. "But right now I'm kind of an outside deep threat while he was more of a possession-type guy."

On the recruiting front, things have been fairly quiet for Shipley as he's focused on his summer workouts and preparations for his junior season. He's kept in contact with the Texas coaches and received mail from several other schools inviting him to their camps, but Shipley has kept a relatively low profile.

From the outside, most recruiting fans have Shipley pegged to become a Texas Longhorn next February, assuming the Longhorn staff extends a formal scholarship offer. While there's still a lot that could happen between now and that point, Shipley does admit that the thought of playing at Texas is quite appealing.

"I don't know. I think, probably if I get the offer, I'll go there. That's what it's looking like so far," Shipley said.

"I like the coaches and the atmosphere. It's a family atmosphere. And I just feel like home every time I go there. I go visit my brother. I'll work out with him and stuff. Coach (Mack) Brown, all the coaches there are just great."

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