March 12, 2009

Stars align at TCU scrimmage

The Frogs are on the attack with this year's recruiting class and they are attracting some of the top players in the nation to Ft. Worth. TCU buckled up the chin straps today for an intense scrimmage and it looks like the play on the field turned a few heads. Players in attendance today included Reggie Wilson, Darius White, Rashad Favors, Dominique Sanders and top 2009 prospect, Bryce Brown. PurpleMenace.Com caught up with Reggie Wilson to get his thoughts on the day and to guage his interest in TCU.

"Talking to Jerry Hughes and all these d-linemen, they just feel like family"said Wilson. "You see a guy like Jerry Hughes, he comes in as a running back, they move him to d-end and he becomes an All-American. That just shows you TCU can develop you as a player no matter how good you are, they can turn you into a great player if not the best player in the country."

Visiting TCU for the third time in the last 2 weeks, Wilson seems to be getting a pretty good feel for what the TCU program is all about. With so many schools looking to land the elite defender, what made him narrow it to TCU and Texas?

"I still have a lot of schools writing me but it's down to just TCU and Texas right now and I will make my final decision between those two" said Wilson. "I talked to my parents, my mom and my dad, and they told me that they don't want me to leave the state of Texas so that's why I narrowed it down to those two. I just felt like TCU and Texas were the two schools that I felt most comfortable with."

In recruiting, it's all about how a player feels when he steps on a campus. With Wilson, that feeling gets stronger every time he visits the TCU family.

"I knew nothing about TCU a few weeks ago" said Wilson. "Then I came for a visit and saw what they have here and I was like, 'wow', I didn't realize it was this close to home and it was this nice. All of their new facilities are great. I was kind of shocked when I saw what they have here but I like it more and more every time I come here. To be honest with you, seeing how I feel with the TCU coaching staff, it feels like family. That's how I feel with both staffs(Texas) and that's why they are both even. I can't seperate them right now, that's why I keep coming back here(TCU) because of the feeling I keep getting. I go home every time and feel like I like it more and more. I just want to go home today and make sure I feel what I think I'm feeling and tell my parents about it."

With the race heating up for one of Texas' finest, what is it that Wilson is looking for to seperate the two schools?

"I don't know yet" he said. "I just know every time I come back here, I just feel it man. The more asnd more I keep talking to these guys the more of a family vibe I get and that's the main thing I'm looking for" said Wilson. "I'm going away from home and I'm going to be here with these guys for the next 4 years so I want to see who am I going to be family with. All of the coaches at TCU are great and Coach Patterson's wife is like a mother figure so it's great."

With such a tough decision ahead, what could be the deciding factor for Wilson and ultimately lead to him pulling the trigger one way or the other?

"Right now, I'm trying to get my parents up here" said Wilson. "I'm just trying to get my mom and dad out here with spring break coming up so they can get over here and see it for themselves. I want to get their feedback on what they think about the school and when they tell me their thoughts, I'll make my decision."

With such a tough decision coming up for Wilson, we have agreed to give him his space and let him make this decision without the pressure of interviews. He told me that PurpleMenace.Com would be invited up to his school when he makes his decision. Stay tuned throughout spring break as the Frogs prepare for a final showdown with the Texas Longhorns for one of the best in Texas.

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