February 15, 2011

White feels the love in Iowa City

The last time Aaron White visited the University of Iowa campus, he was still in the process of making his college choice. The senior forward signed with the Hawkeyes back in November and made his first trip back to Iowa City this weekend and was feeling the love from the coaches and fans on his visit. White talks about his trip, what he has heard from the coaches, his recruiting efforts with Adam Woodbury, and much more.

Q: How did it feel to get back to Iowa City this weekend?

WHITE: It felt good to see everybody again. We did our traveling a little bit differently this time, flying to Chicago and then driving over from there, but it was really good.

Q: What was it like talking to the coaches?

WHITE: It was really good talking to them again in person. They talked a lot about looking forward to next season. The environment was great and the fans really came out and supported the team on Sunday.

Q: What has the communication been with the coaches since you signed?

WHITE: They send me text messages at least once a week and before and after every game I update them on how I played. It's been really good and encouraging.

Q: Did it feel a little different on this trip to Iowa City being signed with the Hawkeyes?

WHITE: Yeah it was. It was neat to see fans coming up to you and they know your name and wishing you good luck the rest of this season and next season when I get there. The fans are really supportive and they really want the basketball team to get better.

Q: Do you keep in touch with Josh Oglesby during the season?

WHITE: We do a little bit by text and through facebook. We talked a lot yesterday since we were both at the game. He's a good guy and I look forward to playing with him next year.

Q: You guys were working on 2012 prospect Adam Woodbury. How did those efforts go?

WHITE: It went well, I think. He is excited and his parents were excited to be there. I think we have a good shot at him. He would be a good asset inside for us.

Q: How has your senior season gone? Your team seems to be playing well in the last few weeks.

WHITE: It's gone pretty well. We have won seven straight and we just got the 2nd seed in the state playoffs. We just want to keep our momentum going into the playoffs.

Q: You mentioned something on your twitter feed today that the coaches said you didn't have to be in Iowa City until August. What was that about?

WHITE: My dad said he talked to Coach Dillard while we were there and he said that because my grades are good that I might not have to come there until August and not take summer school. I don't know what I am going to do yet, but I might come down to workout with the team this summer anyway.

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