December 12, 2010

Longhorn commits react to wild weekend

Since the news of Will Muschamp's departure broke last night, has been able to get in touch with several of the Texas commits.

We'll just run down the list.

David Ashp, QB, Belton

Ash was in town this weekend and will be at Texas in January. After his visit, Ash said he felt good about everything going on. As for the Muschamp news, he had the following to say:

"He got a great opportunity to go be a head coach at a great school, and I just wish him the best of luck. You can't really plan for those sort of things and I'm not worried about the University of Texas because coach Brown is going to hire the best defensive coordinator in the country for us and the best offensive coordinator and we'll get back to being Texas Longhorn football. It'll be all good."

Ash was hosted by Connor Wood on his visit.

Quandre Diggs, ATH, Angleton

The Angleton athlete, who was also in town for his official visit, has always done a good job of keeping in touch with the other commitments in the Longhorn class and that continued this weekend.

"The visit went great," Diggs said. "We all had a good time and the guys continued to bond. That's really the main thing on the official is to get to know each other better which we already real well. Just getting our family knowing each other because they're going to be together for the next four or five years."

According to Diggs, the news of Muschamp leaving catch everyone, including him, off guard, but he was quick to wish him luck.

"It was a big surprise, it was shocking. Coach Muschamp is one of those guys everybody looks at as possibly the best defensive coordinator in the nation," he said. "Eventually if he wasn't going to be the next coach at Texas he was going to get another job somewhere. It was a business decision and he has to do what's best for his family and we just have to move on."

On the visit, Mack Brown broke the news to everyone as soon as he could.

"He was up front with it," Diggs said. "Coach Brown has been up front with us from the beginning. He came out and told us coach Muschamp took the Florida job and he'll get the best in there. In a matter of 15 minutes he had 65 text messages from guys trying to get jobs. I still feel like Texas is the top program in the nation regardless of what anybody says."

The Muschamp news kind of steals the spotlight, but it was not the only thing going on for the official visitors.

"We're all just a big family," he said. "When we get around the other guys we're just ourselves. That's all we're going to do because we're going to be with each other for the next four or five years."

Diggs was hosted by Jordan Hicks on his visit. He is looking forward to enrolling in January.

Steve Edmond, LB, Daingerfield

Edmond was not in Austin this weekend, as Daingerfield beat Littlefield this weekend in the state playoffs, but the news spread quickly and it caught Edmond off guard, since Muschamp had just visited the linebacker on Thursday. The news did not sit well with him, and he is thinking his options over.

He has mentioned USC, Auburn, and Miami as a few places he would like to visit, but he has not decided whether or not he will de-commit from Texas. After our conversation last night, he did talk to coach Ken Rucker and is expecting to talk things over with his Daingerfield coaches on Monday and is planning to have an idea about what he wants to do by Monday. Texas is expected to make contact as soon as possible.

We'll keep you posted on Edmond, he is really thinking about his options.

Sheroid Evans, DB, Fort Bend Dulles

We haven't been able to catch up with Evans, but he isn't one to do a lot of interviews. Dulles Head Coach Jim Creech has not had a chance to talk to Evans about his visit yet.

Marcus Hutchins, OL, DeSoto

Hutchins was another prospect in on his visit this weekend and like the others said it was a great time.

"It was fun," Hutchins said. "We got to meet the team and Jackson Jeffcoat and Greg Daniels and some of the offensive linemen down there and just have fun. We went out together and just had fun."

"We had fun, everybody had fun," he later added. "We didn't let the news take the fun away from us. We all hung around each other and our parents all hung around each other. We didn't let it kill our mood.

"Coaches leave and new coaches come in, they have to do what's best for their family," Hutchins said. "I wish them the best of luck and coach Brown is going to get the right coach for the defense."

He was hosted on his visit by Greg Daniels.

Quincy Russell, DT, San Antonio Sam Houston

Russell is another commitment who was shocked by the news of Muschamp's departure and was not happy to hear it. In fact, on Saturday night he was not quite sure where he stood as far as his commitment status

"I just heard it a few minutes ago when my coach saw it," Russell said shortly after hearing the news Saturday. "He called me and asked if it was true and I asked is what true. He said Muschamp might be taking the Florida head coaching job and I was like that's the whole reason why I'm going to Texas for the defense. Coach Tolley is retiring, coach Muschamp might be taking the head job somewhere else. That just switches up everything."

What's next for Russell?

"I really don't know," Russell said Saturday night. "I'm just trying to sit here and gather my thoughts. I'm just trying to see what's really going on."

Baylor has been listed as a possibility and Sam Houston head coach Gary Green said he's been contacted by several schools inquiring about his status. Russell's area recruiter for Texas is Duane Akina and also got in contact with Green to check in on Russell. Green has not talked to Russell since the news broke yesterday, but thought talk of Russell switching his commitment was premature as of Sunday afternoon.

Saturday night, Russell did say he planned to get in touch with the Texas coaches soon. He did not know if he would take his official visit to Texas next weekend.

Jaxon Shipley, WR, Brownwood

Shipley did not take his official to Texas this weekend because of the playoffs, but word of Muschamp's departure reached him quickly.

"I don't really know what to think about any of that, but it really doesn't bother me one bit," Shipley said. "I'm still 100-percent committed. Of course you hate to see those guys leave but at the same time coach Brown is still there and he's one of the main reasons I'm going there. I still feel very confident about next year and my future at UT."

Before the news of Muschamp broke, a rumor of Shipley possibly looking around at schools such as Mississippi St. began to circulate. The rumor, understandably, did not sit well with Shipley.

"Look, I don't even understand why people make up random rumors," he said. "None of that stuff is even almost close to being true. It's just people assuming stuff and then they get other people thinking that and then it just starts spreading. But no, I've never told anybody anything about going anywhere else. I've never even thought about going anywhere else. People are just making stuff up."

Kendall Thompson, LB, Carthage

Thompson's team played against Shipley's this weekend, so he too was not in Austin this weekend. When he first found out about Muschamp heading to Florida, he admitted that it hit him hard.

"I'm not even sure right now," Thompson said of his status with Texas Saturday night. "I'm just going to talk it over with my family to see what's going on with it."

However, he was able to talk to the Texas staff last night and as of Sunday afternoon was firm in his commitment to the Longhorns.

"Oh, I'm good. I'm still fully committed to UT and nothing is going to change that," Thompson said.

What helped ease his mind?

"I know coach is going to hire the best of the best so it's good. I'm just ready to get up there and play," he said.

Mykkele Thompson, ATH, San Antonio Stevens

Thompson and Stevens were busy yesterday, but Duane Akina was on the sideline to check out the Falcons take on Pearland. The Thompson family was informed of Muschamp's departure from Texas, but there is nothing to worry about, Mykkele is ready to be a Longhorn.

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