November 23, 2010

DE Mincey set to make decision in December

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and of course Christmas is not as far away as you might think (22 days).

The beginning of December means that the season of giving will be in full swing and it will also mean the Robert Mincey sweepstakes will kick into high gear.

Mincey, a three-star defensive end prospect from Fairfield High School in Fairfield, Ohio, has three schools that he plans to visit in December--Marshall, Kansas, and Illinois.

Boasting scholarship offers from plenty of MAC schools, Western Kentucky, Memphis, Marshall, Illinois, and Kansas, those three teams have risen to the top for Mincey's services.

The 6'5, 260 pounder will make his final visit on December 17th.

Then he plans to make a decision between the three schools sometime before Christmas time.

You better believe the coaching staffs of Illinois, Marshall, and Kansas will all anxiously await the decision to see if Mr. Mincey will bring them an early Christmas present.

HerdNation caught up with the highly sought after prospect to talk about his college football recruitment process, among many other topics.

Below is the interview.


HerdNation: First off, Robert, talk a little bit about how the college football recruiting process is going for you?

Robert Mincey: "It's going pretty good. I've narrowed my schools down to my top three. It's Kansas, Illinois, and Marshall. I've got my official visits December 3rd, December 10th, and December 17th."

HerdNation: When is your official visit to each of those Robert?

Robert Mincey: "Marshall's the 3rd, Illinois is the 10th, and Kansas is the 17th."

HerdNation: Talk about each of those schools and what you like about each of them.

Robert Mincey: "Marshall, it's just close to my dad. He drives trucks--he used to drive by there all the time. He said it's a real nice campus and I just like the coaches. All three schools--the coaches are real cool. I like talking to the coaches.

"Illinois, my cousin goes there, he just keeps talking about how great it is, how much he likes the coaches, and how big of a chance I have to come in and play."

"Then Kansas, is just another story. They need some help and I feel like I could help them out."

HerdNation: What's gonna be the biggest deciding factor for you Robert on your visits, like what are you gonna be looking at the most?

Robert Mincey: "Just how close the team is. I'm leaving my family, but I still wanna be in a family type environment. Whatever school I go to is definitely going to be a family oriented school."

HerdNation: What position is Marshall recruiting you as?

Robert Mincey: "They're recruiting me as a defensive end."

HerdNation: Who else do you have scholarship offers from Robert?

Robert Mincey: "Most of the schools in the MAC, like Toledo, Bowling Green, Ball State, Western Kentucky, Western Michigan. Most of the schools in the MAC, except for Central Michigan, then Kansas, Illinois, Western Kentucky, Marshall, and Memphis."

HerdNation: Have you been following Marshall's season pretty closely Robert?

Robert Mincey: "This year I've checked their scores a lot. I talk to the coach every week. It's a nice place. They're good coaches."

HerdNation: Who's your lead recruiter for Marshall, Robert?

Robert Mincey: "Coach Cassity."

HerdNation: Talk about your relationship with Coach Cassity a little bit, Robert.

Robert Mincey: "He's a good coach. I talk to him every week. He asks me more about my basketball and all that stuff. He's more about asking stuff on the personal level--like family and stuff like that instead of the football aspect. He says that I know him football wise, but he wants to get to know me more as a person than just knowing that I'm a good player and wanting me to come help his team."

HerdNation: How many points are you averaging a game in basketball?

Robert Mincey: "Last year I tore my labrum and got shoulder surgery so I didn't get to play in the games, but overall I'd say about five or six. I'm not a real scorer, I'm just a rebounder, you know, get my assists."

HerdNation: Is there any player you try and model your game after?

Robert Mincey: "Um defensive end wise--it's a little bit of Dwight Freeney, kind of Jared Allen. I just like their tenacity-their style of play."

HerdNation: What would you say is the biggest thing you've gotta work on Robert headed into college at the Division I-A level?

Robert Mincey: "Just work harder--perservere more. I'm so used to being top at everything, not having to give it my all, but I know at the next level it's not going to be that easy. So I've just gotta buckle down and fight for everything now."

HerdNation: How are your grades in the classroom, Robert?

Robert Mincey: "They're good. I've got all A's and B's this last quarter on the report."

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