August 30, 2010

DeAnthony Arnett, more than just football

Michigan State is in the process of assembling a very talented recruiting class; the recent additions have done nothing but help the Spartans in their quest to sign the All-American wide receiver DeAnthony Arnett from Saginaw. was able to catch up with DeAnthony's brother Ralph Arnett and ask him about recruiting and some other important issues.

Arnett attended the Gridiron Kings Tournament dowm in Florida and was able to get some feedback about that prestigious event.

"The competition was very good, especially the team from Florida," Arnett stated. "Hasean Clinton-Dix is the best player in Nation in my opinion. Dee did well against that team day 1, catching a TD on them. Day 2 his team was a little out of sync. Overall the competition was deep, but I left there feeling like Dee is the best wide receiver in the country. Seeing him beat corners in 1 on 1's and during the 7 on 7 on day 1 was the best I have seen him play. Clinton Dix and Karlos Williams were the best skill players on defense and they are definitely worth the high rankings. Those two were so good together on defense they didn't need the corners."

It would be easy to think that Ralph Arnett would be slightly biased about his brother, but analyst Mike Farrell rated Arnett the top performer of day 1 and had the following to say himself:

"Arnett started off strong and never stopped on Saturday, running very precise routes, using double moves and basically running away from defenders. He caught the ball well, separated and was too hard to check. Arnett is also equally effective across the middle of the field on inside routes as he is outside and is a home-run threat every time the ball is snapped. Despite his lack of size, he was hard to press as well as he gets off the line so well and if he continues to play as well as he did day one, he will be one of the Midwest's biggest threats during the tournament."

Michigan State has been one of Arnett's top choices for a while now and pretty much everything has been reported about what Arnett likes about the Spartan program. However, we Ralph Arnett what it would mean if DeAnthony does end up playing for Michigan State?

"With Michigan State, I mean that place is home to so many people we know from Saginaw. My friends played there, Cliff Ryan I talk once a week. Ron Stanley, Jeremiah McClaurin, Day Day (Draymond Green) is there now and Dee can call him anytime. Charles Rogers went there and had a lot of success. Michigan State is a place that we know of very well, they just have to keep recruiting Dee hard because he does have some other great options. In my opinion Michigan State is the best college team and place for Dee in Michigan"

Not only has Saginaw produced a lot of great athletes over the years, but they have produced athletes that have given back to the community that has supported them. We asked Ralph Arentt about that legacy of Saginaw taking care of its own. Is that something DeAnthony thinks about?

"Yes he does," he stated. "I think Charles Rogers started it back when he was in the league as far as showing the community that he will never forget where he comes. Now you have LaMarr Woodley, who is a good friend of our family, who does a great job of giving back to teh community. Where we come from its tough, the people here are not use to seeing now-hiring signs or accepting applications, so when you get people to come back and give back to the ones in need it is a blessing. This city is in need of good leaders and role models and Dee wants to be one in the future. he understands you do not have to be an athlete either. You have guys like Brian Pruitt who is a motivational speaker. He played ball and got a shot in the NFL, but an injury stopped him and gave him a reality check. There are 5 of us, Dee, myself, our older brother Eric Wills, my mother Virginia and Coach Gary Lee; we are all working together to make sure Dee makes the best choice for school and life, with and without football."

As far as the coming months, don't look for much to change on the recruiting front. DeAnthony will focus on his Saginaw Trojan team and then set up his official visits. He will also be taking some unofficial visit to East Lansing to check out the Spartans. Arnett knows the Spartan program very well and the best recruiting pitch Michigan Stat scan make is going out and playing well.
Arnett will be playing in a post-season Army All-American game. He may or may not have a decision by then. Right now the focus is on school, football and recruiting in that order. will be sure to provide any news as it unfolds in the coming months.

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