June 17, 2010

Luetjen brothers making their way to the West Point campus

Although quarterback-athlete Matt Luetjen embraces the idea of his brother, Derrick Luetjen joining him at Army and playing college ball together, the first order of business for Matt is to ensure that he is ready for his indoctrination into West Point, through "beast barracks" in conjunction with summer football practice.

"I've been running miles with the boots," shares a laughing Luetjen, who will be flying out Saturday with his parents and brother. "I'm trying to break them (boots) in and get in shape for the pushups and pull ups. I have also be working out through the football workout guide."

The incoming quarterback-athlete is measuring in at 6-foot-1, 195 pounds. In addition to his aforementioned workout routine, Matt participated in track where he ran 100M, 200M along with long jumping, with a personal best of 22.5.


"I have talked to Coach Waugh a couple of times," declares Matt in his conversation with GBK.com. "We were just making sure that all my admission work is up to speed and I have also been speaking with Major King.

I'm extremely excited to get up there. I have heard from some people that the game is faster, but I will like to see that for myself and get going."


For Derrick, who could project as a defensive end or tackle, he wants to ensure that his final choice will be the college and football program that best fits him.

Of course, residing in close proximity to Oklahoma or Oklahoma State makes taking unofficial visits easier on anyone's wallet, but younger brother Derrick will be taking full advantage of Matt's R-Day moment, as he will join his family to see his brother off.

"The plan is to meet up with Coach Waugh and he will take us around the day after Matt gets there," clarifies Derrick, who now tips the scales at 6-foot-3, 260 pounds. "He will take my Mom, Dad and I, since my mother and I haven't had a chance to see it yet. We will also have a chance to meet with the coaches.

I have heard that it is one of the most beautiful campuses and I am really looking forward to meeting Coach Ellerson and the defensive line coach."

The obvious question that the Army fans would like to ask … What about the brothers playing together in college? "Yeah, we definitely talked about it," confirms Derrick.

"As I said awhile back, it was the hardest thing walking off that field (high school) for the last time together. We talked about how awesome it would be to play college football together."


Before anyone jumps the gun on seeing the junior Luetjen in the Black & Gold of Army, there continues to be strong interest from a couple of schools, along with Derrick's own interest.

One such school is Tulsa, who Derrick ranks high on his list of schools. "We are going to make it down to the Tulsa camp in July," declares the defensive line prospect. "They said they want to see me down there at camp before any offer could happen."

"I'm really excited about OSU (Oklahoma State)," shares Derrick. "I went down one day of their three day camp. I participated that one day and it went very good -- I had a good showing and some of the coaches seem to be pretty excited. We had a good conversation after the camp and they said they like what they saw. They could see me playing defensive tackle and we have stayed in touch … hopefully pretty soon an offer will come."

Derrick also attended the Oklahoma camp, but indicated that he has not heard back from the Sooner's staff.

It is clear that the Black Knights have a quality player in Matt, and it will be interesting to see how he measures out at quarterback this summer. With Chip Bowden returning as a lock to back up Trent Steelman, the battle will be open to see who will take the 3rd spot on the depth chart. The most notable will be Max Jenkins, incoming USMAPS product Cody Jackson and of course, Luetjen will be looking to make an impression.

On the other side, GoBlackKnights.com will continue to follow the recruiting of Derrick, as he prepares for his senior season at Hennessey (Okla.) Hennessey High School.

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