June 11, 2010

Adeyanju adds Big East offer

Chicago (Ill.) Curie defensive end James Adeyanju is approaching 20 offers and one of his most recent offers came from Syracuse. The Orange offer stuck out for the three star prospect.

"I would say that it was about two weeks ago that the letter came," Adeyanju said. "I was really happy I was excited. That was my first Big East offer and I really did not think they were going to offer. Coach Wheatley came to my school for a little bit and he told me to call and we kept in contact with him sending emails and stuff. Then the offer letter came and that was pretty cool."

Adeyanju, 6-foot-2, 225 pounds opened his offer letter and immediately hit the phones to thank the Orange coaches for the offer.

"I was real happy I mean every offer is a blessing and I was happy. I just opened it up and called the coaches and talked with Coach Wheatley again. It was real cool."

The Orange running backs coach was not the only person that Adeyanju talked with when he called.

"I had a chance to talk with Coach Brumbaugh," Adeyanju said. "He is a real cool guy and he was just talking about hard work. He was telling me that I would have a chance to play because they lost a lot of guys. He also told me that I have a good get off as a defensive end. Coach Brumbaugh told me things that I do well and he told me there are things I still need to work on in my game and that was pretty cool."

Tyrone Wheatley is recruiting the three star prospect for the Orange and the relationship between the two is on the rise since they started talking about a month ago.

"He is a real good guy and I think that we have a real good relationship. I have been talking with him for about a month now and he is a real nice down to earth guy."

Despite being excited about the offer from Syracuse the Illinois product does not know that much about them, but he does know a couple items.

"I know that they are in the Big East, I know the move The Express about Ernie Davis, and that is about it."

A visit to Syracuse has not been set up at this time even though he is very interested. A visit to Syracuse though is something that Adeyanju would like to take.

"We talked about making a visit to Syracuse maybe in July. There are a lot of schools that I want to visit, but I am not going to be able to see all of them."

Some of the visits that he is looking to take will happen shortly.

"I am going to Wisconsin on Saturday, Illinois on Sunday, and I am going to Michigan State the last Friday of this month. Other than that there are trips that I want to take, but I am not sure about them yet."

While the defensive prospect visits schools he will be looking for a few items that will help him make his final decision.

"It is simple I am looking for good academics, good football, good people, and a program that is going to help me reach my goals."

Being one of the top defensive end prospects in the nation has caught Adeyanju off guard a bit because he never felt he was going to be that kind of player. He thinks he does know why though schools have taken note of his game.

"I never thought I was a division one prospect. I made my highlight tape and my coach sent it out and the other coaches liked what they saw. They say I use my hands well and I hustle. I guess the one thing that makes me a division one prospect is my pass rushing ability."

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