May 10, 2010

Rivals250 QB Williams discusses the latest

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Blacksburg, Va. - Quarterback was the star attraction on Saturday at the Blacksburg Nike Camp. One of the top rated quarterbacks in attendance was Rivals250's Marquise Williams who sat down with to discuss the day and the latest.

"I did pretty well today," he said. "I got here late, so I didn't get time to stretch, but it was alright."

On the recruiting front, Williams is beginning to focus in on his leaders more.

"I'm looking at schools to see how many quarterbacks they've got," he said. "I have a top five with Michigan, LSU, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech and North Carolina. I know I'm down to that and that is it."

What made Williams narrow his choices to those schools?

"I feel I can help those offenses out," he said. "They all have good atmospheres at their games on Saturday, good educations and good coaches."

One of Virginia Tech's coaches specifically made a trip to Mallard Creek to check out the quarterback more.

"I talked to their offensive coordinator, Bryan Stinespring this past week," he said. "He came by the school and just told me to have fun on Saturday."

While Williams didn't visit with the coaches around the Nike Camp, he plans to return.

"I'm headed back up here in a couple weeks for an unofficial visit," he said. "I think if it's not this Monday it'll be next Monday. My coach and I always go out on Mondays."

The Hokies have made his top five and he went further about why Tech is still in the picture.

"It's quarterbacks like Tyrod Taylor," he said. "Guys like him that are leaders and spread the offense around. They have good defense too and they prepare the quarterback. I feel I'm the same way, I like to spread it around at my school."

Despite a narrowed list, Williams maintains he is not anywhere close to a decision in the foreseeable future.

The 6-foot-3, 218-pound accounted for 2,100-yards passing and 1,400-yards rushing while accumulating approximately 40 touchdowns as a junior.

Brian Mohr has covered recruiting in the mid-Atlantic since 2004 and has covered Virginia Tech since 2006 for To contact Brian, please email him at [email protected] for questions, comments or tips, which are always welcome and appreciated

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