February 11, 2010

Arnett talks Spartans

The other day wide receiver DeAnthony Arnett of Saginaw High School made big news when he named a top 8 teams and 3 teams that currently standout from the others. SpartanMag.com spoke with Arnett to find out more about his favorites and his thought process about recruiting.

As those who follow recruiting know, Arnett is one of the top prospects in the country for the class of 2011. SpartanMag.com ranks him #2 in the state and firmly believes that he will be ranked one of the top 10 wide receivers in the nation and a Rivals top 100 prospect. (Last year the #10 wide receiver in the nation was the 84th prospect overall).

Arnett had the internet buzzing on Tuesday when he named eight schools that he is seriously considering: Michigan State, Michigan, Tennessee, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Oregon, USC and Iowa. All of those schools have offered him a full scholarship.

Within those eight schools, Arnett cited three that are currently standing out to him and would be considered his "favorites" at this point: Michigan State, Notre Dame and USC.

SpartanMag.com spoke with Arnett and wanted to get a little different perspective on things. We asked Arnett what it feels likes to get all of this early recruiting attention and to be considered one of the top prospects in the nation for the class of 2011?

"It feel great", Arnett said. "I have worked with all the great players in Saginaw since I was in 5th grade so I kind of expected to have this type of success. I knew if I worked hard good things would happen. Now I am just trying to work even harder to be the best wide receiver in the nation."

One of the nice things about the Saginaw Community is that many of the players that have gone on to have college and professional success routinely come back home to help the next crop of recruits. Players like Cliff Ryan and LaMarr Woodley are prime examples of this.

With a list of favorites out there, SpartanMag.com asked Arnett what are the things he will be looking for when he does eventually sit-down and decide where he wants to attend college?

"I am looking for great academics, so if I do not make it to the pros I can still fall back on my degree," he said. "I would like to be a sports agent. Football-wise, I want to play for a coach that is going to make me work hard and become a better player. I also want to play in an offense that will help get me ready for the NFL. I also want to have a chance to play early and compete for national championships."

Michigan State has made a strong impression on Arnett early in the process and SpartanMag.com asked the dynamic-playmaker what it is about the Green and White that standouts so far?

"Michigan State runs a pro-style offense that will help you get ready for the NFL," Arnett sated. "They send receiver after receiver to the NFL. I know the type of success I can have there playing in that offense. I also like Coach "D", he keeps it real and doesn't sugar-coat anything."

Arnett has also indicated that the quarterbacks he will likely play with is something he is going to take a look at. At Michigan State, Arnett would most likely be catching passes from Kirk Cousins and then Andrew Maxwell. The fact that developmentally Maxwell is possibly ahead of where Cousins was as a red-shirt freshman is another positive factor for Michigan State. Arnett knows Maxwell as they are both SVL products.

Arnett is not in a big hurry to make his decision. He will be checking out lots of schools this spring. He will be attending a Spartan spring practice to get a better feel about the program.

SpartanMag.com will be sure to follow-up with the All-American recruit in the near future.

Matt Dorsey's Take:

Earlier this week we posted some thougths about Arnett and Michigan State's chances. Click the link below to check it out.

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