November 5, 2009

Favors Out, White Limited at Best

FORT WORTH, Texas - As of late Oklahoma has been battling a rash of injuries and it's a problem that Fort Worth Dunbar head coach Todd Lawson can appreciate. One game into the season he was without star linebacker, and Oklahoma commitment, Rashod Favors and near the end of the season four-star receiver Darius White has fought the flu and a twisted ankle.

Even in spite of these things Dunbar was able to find a way to a 28-6 win against district rival Fort Worth Western Hills.

"We weren't perfect tonight, I knew what (Western Hills) was going to do, they have some physical guys, they were going to try and muscle us up," Lawson said.

Due to injuries and various other problems Lawson has had to place the third piece of his talented class of division-one seniors, Dominique Sanders, under center. And while Sanders is certainly a talented athlete the offense has been built around him running in the open field rather than trying to find White streaking for touchdowns.

With the offensive design in mind and White's nagging ankle injury it wasn't that shocking to see White's final state line of one catch for negative-11 yards.

Sanders on the other hand had 14-carries for 95-yards and another 90-yards passing in what for most of the night was a defensive struggle with field position and turnovers being the name of the game.


Dominique Sanders: Sanders is the type of athlete that doesn't seem to have an obvious collegiate position but there is no doubt that he has a lot of talent and could be influential somewhere on the football field.

He has the frame to carry 215-pounds by the time he is fully matured physically without surrendering speed and agility.

Sanders may lack the top end speed to be an outside receiver in the college game but could certainly make a living going across the middle and making plays in the middle of traffic and allow his ability as an open field runner to produce yards after the catch.

Darius White: It's hard to know what you've seen of White with an ankle that was clearly bothering him and the only pass thrown to him, that was catchable, being a bubble screen that wasn't well blocked and ended up being White's final play of the game.

If there was anything to take away form the game it was White's mannerisms and on-field behavior.

A lot of young receivers in his position would have become malcontents that refused to help their team. However White continued to block downfield throughout the night and called together the offense multiple times to try and get the group out of it's stagnation.

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