January 4, 2012

Injuries sideline Tech signee

Little Rock (Ark.) Pulaski Academy shooting guard and Texas Tech commit Dusty Hannahs took a nasty fall after an opposing player flagrantly fouled him while he was up in the air back in late December. The end result was injuries to his shooting hand and pelvic bone.

Hannahs learned the full extent of the injuries Tuesday. The good news is it could have been worse.

"I just went to the doctor and the good news is it's an avulsion fracture in my hand," Hannahs said. "Chipped the bone off and I'm going to be getting a cast Thursday for two weeks. But there's no ligament damage. I hit my pelvis on the ground and all I have is a big bone bruise from that.

"I'll be back hopefully before four weeks and I'm going to rehab really hard and hopefully get ready for conference play. I might be a little late for conference play, but I'm going to try to help us win it and state."

Hannahs said he talked to Tech assistant basketball coach Chris Walker just before Walker and company headed off to Stillwater, Okla., for their first Big 12 Conference game of the season against Oklahoma State.

"He just wanted to make sure everything was alright and to tell me not to push it," Hannahs said. "We just had a normal conversation after that. Me and coach Walker are very close along with coach (Billy) Gillispie. As I've told y'all before, I just love the coaching staff."

Hannahs has been closely watching the Red Raiders this season and Tech's 7-5 record is right about where he thought they would be.

Like most fans, Hannahs expects conference play to be a tough challenge for the basketball squad but it's an opportunity for the younger players to put in some work for a stronger team next season.

"It's was expected they'd be a little rugged this year with all the newcomers and all of that," Hannahs said. "But you can tell, it's just obvious, how hard they go and how coach Gillispie is. Jordan Tolbert is a very good player. I thought that when I saw him during my official visit, Terran Petteway is going to be great.

"Everyone on the team has showed me something individually and I can't wait to be a part of it with them next year."

Things are going well for Hannahs' team at Pulaski Academy. Before the injury, and with Gillispie and Walker in the stands, had a 43-point game and the squad has an 8-0 record.

"It's been going pretty good," Hannahs said. "I like to shoot the three, but I've added to my game through high school and kept evolving. Now I can slash to the bucket and use my athleticism… The game before (the 43-point game) I had 33 (points) at the half.

"Struggled the first game adjusting to the defenses they're throwing out there. The defenses have been two people shading me with a guy shadowing, double and triple teams. But I think we're doing pretty well so far."

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